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Bolivia: Congress Summons 3 Ministers to Explain Their Actions

  • Ministers Maria Fernandez, María Pinckert, and Eliane Capobianco

    Ministers Maria Fernandez, María Pinckert, and Eliane Capobianco | Photo: Twitter/ @LaRazon_Bolivia

Published 10 March 2020

The coup-born president Añez challenged the Legislative Assembly by appointing Luis Lopez as Defense Minister, although he had been removed from office by the Bolivian lawmakers.

Bolivia's Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) invited three ministers of the coup-born regime lead by Jeanine Añez to attend a hearing session on Wednesday.


Bolivia: Parliament Censors Jeanine Áñez's Allies Minister

This meeting should be attended by Communication Minister Maria Fernandez, Environment Minister Maria Pinckert, and Rural Development Minister Eliane Capobianco.

Previously, the ALP censored Defense Minister Luis Lopez given that this official refused to offer explanations to Congress about his responsibility for the security actions that left many dead and wounded in Nov. 2019.

Given that it is uncertain whether those ministers will attend to the reunion, the ALP president Eva Copa explained that if Añez does not abide by the censorship motion, she could face a process for not fulfilling her responsibilities.

The Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), which is the party with the largest number of lawmakers in the Bolivian assembly, is committed to clarifying the truth about the Senkata massacre in which the army and police severely repressed the population to ensure the coup against former President Evo Morales.

According to both the Bolivian constitution and Senate regulations, an impeachment process is intended to either remove the senior officials from their office or force the Executive branch to change inappropriate policies.

On Tuesday, however, the U.S.-backed president Añez challenged the Legislative Assembly's decision and appointed the dismissed official Lopez as Defense Minister.

“Why do they want to dismiss Minister Lopez? Because he worked on recovering the Bolivians' tranquility, because we had to face the threat of a violent civil war and defeated it without using violence,” Añez said in a speech that surprised many for openly ignoring the repression against the Indigenous peoples in Senkata.

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