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Colombia's Los Rastrojos Try to Kill Own Member for Guaido Pics

  • Hernando Ivan Posso: Right hand to

    Hernando Ivan Posso: Right hand to "El Minor" and Chief of Finances for Boca del Grita region. Crimes Committed: Murder, Kidnapping, Extortion, Narco | Photo: @wilcan91

Published 16 September 2019

Higher-ranking member of Los Rastrojos nearly killed by own gang allegedly to eliminate witnesses of group shuttling Guaido into Colombia. 

The Colombian rights group,  Fundacion Progresar, came out Monday saying that paramilitaries from the Colombian narco-paramilitary group, 'Los Rastrojos' attempted to murder one of their own members, Hernando Ivan Posso, or 'Nandito', after photos of Nandito appeared last week posing with self-declared interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido.


Maduro: 'Tremendous Scandal', Guaido With Colombian Narcos

Members of Los Rastrojos allegedly tried to kill their own member, Nandito, being that he is a witness to the controversial connection to Guaido's illegal passage into Colombia last Februrary when he was already wanted by the Veneuzuelan government for a failed coup attempt the month prior.

Wilifredo Cañizares, leader of Fundacion Progresar, located in Cucuta, Colombia that has been monitoring the narco gang for years, tweeted Sept. 16 that Los Rastrojos tried to kill Nandito, but failed. However, they managed to assassinate four members of Nandito's family late Friday night.

"This is Hernando Iván Posso aka "nandito." Last night, the Rastrojos narco-paramilitaries tried to kill him, he managed to flee. In retaliation, 4 members of his family were killed, including his parents."

Posso is an alleged murderer and kidnapper and a higher ranking member of the criminal group that is known to operate in Colombia at the border with Venezuela. 

Cañizares insinuates in his tweet that the murder attempt on Posso was meant to eliminate witnesses to the group allegedly ushering Guaido into Colombia. The Progresar leader also tells local media that on the late February day that Guaido entered into Colombia to take part in a the Venezuela Aid Live concert in Cucuta, that Los Rastrojos forced residents in Colombia at the border to lock themselves in their homes until Guadito was picked up by Cucuta officials. "We believe that the curfew was imposed by Los Rastrojos precisely to prevent the population from taking photos or filming the passage of Mr. Guaido," Cañizares told RFI.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, during a Friday address to the nation, called the images of Guaido next to members of Los Rastrojos a "tremendous scandal."

While Colombian President Ivan Duque said Friday to reporters: "We facilitated (Guadio's) entry into Colombian territory ... he was welcome in Colombian territory and protected in Colombian territory," his foreign minister said the same day that "the government did not participate in the transfer of President Guaido from Caracas to the border with Colombia, nor did he have any role in its passage through the sites known as trails," according to El Tiempo.

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