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Venezuela Calls on the West to Respect Talks in Mexico

  • Venezuelan opposition and government start talks in Mexico, Aug. 13, 2021.

    Venezuelan opposition and government start talks in Mexico, Aug. 13, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @m_ebrard

Published 14 August 2021

On Friday, delegations from the Venezuelan opposition and the Bolivarian Revolution started negotiations, which include the lifting of sanctions.

Venezuela's Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza reiterated that the Bolivarian government has been always opened to dialogue despite the delegitimizing campaigns against the Bolivarian Revolution.


New Peruvian Government Will Support Dialogue in Venezuela

On Saturday, Foreign Affairs Ministers from Canada, the U.S, and the European Union (EU) issued a joint release to welcome the negotiations taking place in Mexico between the Venezuelan opposition and representatives from the Bolivarian government of President Nicolas Maduro. 

The statement called for good faith negotiations to reach enduring agreements while also reiterating the petitions on human rights and elections guarantees. 

"Mr. Josep Borrell, in Venezuela, we have made progress towards dialogue despite aggression and interference from the EU, its Member States, and its allies," Arreaza tweeted.

"Don't come up with extortion messages. The sanctions are illegal and create suffering. If you want to support, respect the dialogue," he added.

Heading the Bolivarian delegations, Parliament chairman Jorge Rodriguez made clear that the talks include the lifting of all sanctions imposed on the South American nation. 

"This is a golden opportunity to show that we can, beyond what has happened in the past, we can be entrenched in the future to reach comprehensive agreements," Rodriguez stressed. 

"We already know where we disagree, we already know how differently we envision the future, the work now is to look for where we can find points of convergence to guarantee the future and the happiness of the Venezuelan people", he added.

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