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AMLO: Mexico Supports Puerto Rican Independence

  • AMLO: Mexico Supports Puerto Rican Independence

    | Photo: Telesur

Published 2 October 2019

When asked about the matter during his morning conference, president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stated that Mexico defends the nation´s self-determination and non-intervention principles.

“We defend people´s self-determination and non-intervention principles. Mexico´s position towards that has always been in favor of the independence of every nation”, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador stated during a morning press conference when asked about Puerto Rico´s independence.


Mexico to UN: Peace Is Based on Politics, Not Force

AMLO reminded that his country has always defended the principle of independence at United Nations and international forums, and will continue this tradition: “We also respect each country policy. We are never going to agree with any invasion. We had suffered invasions and we don’t want that for anyone. There´s no right to privilege any force of any country above others.”

AMLO ended by stating that the Aztec country is open to solidarity, mutual agreements between nations, especially, with Latin America and the Caribbean people, including Puerto Rico. “We love deeply our sister nation of Puerto Rico,” he expressed.

Later on, Puerto Rican documentarist Tito Roman Rivera, who pitched the question initially, commented on AMLO´s response: “We celebrate the support of new Mexican government to our independence cause. It´s about time that the whole world claims the U.S. government for all the damage for imposing this unfair colonial condition for over 121 years.”

A few days earlier, Marcelo Ebrard, minister of Foreign Affairs, exposed on his speech during the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, that Mexico´s role in the international arena is based on a “non-intervention, people self-determination and pacific solutions of controversies.”

Puerto Rico, officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, is one of the fourteen unincorporated territories and one of the two free states associated with the self-government status of the United States of America. The island was one of the last standing territories of the Spanish empire in America, but on December 10th, 1898 after the signing of the Paris Treaty they became part of U.S territory.

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