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YouTube's Blocking Russia Today Channels is Censorship: Kremlin

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    Logo of Russia Today. | Photo: Twitter/ @wmiddelkoop

Published 29 September 2021

On Tuesday, the Google-owned service deleted the accounts of RT DE and "The Missing Piece" without the right to restoration.

On Wednesday, the Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitri Peskov expressed that the blocking imposed by YouTube on two channels of Russia Today (RT) is an act of censorship that violates Russian laws.


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"Without a doubt, there is evidence that Russian laws were violated. They were grossly violated since this is related both to censorship and to the obstruction of the dissemination of information," Peskov said.

If the Russian authorities "come to the conclusion that the legislation has been violated, it should not and cannot be excluded the possibility that measures will be taken to force this platform to comply with our laws," he added.

Previously, RT Director in Germany Dinara Toktosunova denounced that the Google-owned service deleted channels RT DE and "The Missing Piece" (DFP) without the right to restoration. The Russian communications regulator Roskomnadzor also threatened Google with blocking YouTube if it did not immediately unblock the Germany-based RT channels.

Russia's Foreign Affairs Ministry blamed the German authorities for being behind the blockade of an RT project that ranks fourth in the German-language media’s popularity list.

"Considering the nature of the incident, which is fully in line with the logic of the information warfare unleashed against Russia, taking retaliatory symmetrical measures against the German media in Russia would seem not just an appropriate, but also a necessary thing to do,” the Ministry said, as reported by Radio Free Europe.

The Russian diplomacy also pointed out that the objective of the aggression against RT is evident: “to silence the sources of information that do not fit into the comfortable environment for the German ruling party."


Dmitri Peskov
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