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Xiomara Castro Denounces Hijack Of Legislative Power

  • Mobilize of Libre Party supporters outside the National Congress of Honduras. Jan. 23, 2022.

    Mobilize of Libre Party supporters outside the National Congress of Honduras. Jan. 23, 2022. | Photo: @DenilsonGomezHN

Published 23 January 2022

Xiomara Castro recognizes the Presidency headed by Congressman Luis Redondo. This Sunday, both elected officials have joined their supporters outside of the National Congress of Honduras.

The elected president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro (Libertad y Refundación, Libre), denounced this Sunday, outside the National Congress, that a dictatorship is trying to hijack the Legislative Branch in a bid not to respond to the popular mandate.


Party of President Xiomara Castro Expels "Traitor" Lawmakers

Hundreds of people continue to mobilize in the vicinity of the Parliament in defense of democracy and respect for the popular vote.

Addressing the crowds of her supporters, Castro recalled that the elections of November 2021 were to remove from power the dictatorship of the current president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, and banish its unlawful practices.

She stressed that on November 28, the people cast their votes and that their will must be respected. Castro further expressed that the people voted to rid Honduras of a dictatorship and put an end to the corrupt practices of traditional politics.

Castro denounced that this hijacking would have occurred by force, as there was an attempt to hijack the electoral vote of the Board of Directors last Friday, and the oath was sworn in illegally.

She expressed that there has been a failure to comply with the correct schedule since last Friday. Hence this Sunday, the selection of the Board of Directors at the Legislative seat has not taken place and has not been presented as customary.

I recognize the Presidency of the Congress headed by Deputy Luis Redondo; I invite you to my Swearing-in with the People on January 27. I congratulate the deputies (o) who reject 12 years of “Joh” corruption networks: on my way to greet them at the CN We won!

The coalition of the Libre Party and the Salvador Party of Honduras made a call to Congress to elect the Board of Directors headed by Luis Redondo.

While deputies of the National, Liberal, Anti-corruption parties and some deputies expelled from the Libre Party made a call with 82 votes to meet in Bosque de Zambrano, approximately 30 minutes from Parliament.

It is expected that the President-elect of the Republic Xiomara Castro will approach the Legislative Headquarters to be sworn in.

President-elect, Xiomara Castro, recognized Congressman Luis Redondo (Salvador Party of Honduras, PSH) as the only president of the National Congress.

This Sunday, before 48 legislators, Redondo was sworn in as head of Congress and Hugo Noé Pino and Angélica Smith as vice-president and secretary, respectively, both of the Libre Party.

Meanwhile, in a simultaneous session held in the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, Jorge Cálix was sworn in as president, Yahvé Sabillón as vice-president, and Beatriz Valle as secretary. 

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