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White Supremacist Leaders Arrested in Southern California

  • White Supremacist Leaders Arrested in Southern California.

    White Supremacist Leaders Arrested in Southern California. | Photo: Reuters

Published 24 October 2018

Three members of the Rise Above Movement were arrested Wednesday in connection with organizing and participating in riots.

Three members of the white supremacist group 'Rise Above Movement,' have been arrested in Los Angeles, in connection with planning riots across the US, in an effort by US officials to curb the rise of racism-fueled hate groups. 


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Robert Rundo, was arrested Sunday at Los Angeles International Airport, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said, while Tyler Laube and Robert Boman were arrested Wednesday morning. Aaron Eason, who has been charged, still remains at large.

Private messages between group leaders, members and associates were intercepted by FBI officials, while officers found a portrait of Adolf Hitler in Rundo's California residence.

Earlier this year, four members of the group were arrested on grounds that they planned to travel to Virginia to incite a riot. 

The FBI informed the media that the group was founded between late-2016/early-2017, and increased their members through a stringent social media campaign.

Sharing hate crimes and acts of violence that members participated in, one member shared a video of himself shockingly headbutting a woman. 

Another member shared a video of himself headbutting a religious minister. Several videos were uploaded to their Twitter page, showing members engage in racially-aggravated behavior. 

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