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What Venezuelan Candidates Say About Electoral System

  • Venezuelan presidential candidate Henri Falcon of the

    Venezuelan presidential candidate Henri Falcon of the "Avanzada Progresista" party speaks during the presentation of his government plan at a meeting with supporters in Caracas, Venezuela April 23, 2018. | Photo: Reuters

Published 30 April 2018

The presidential candidates are called the Venezuelan people to vote in the next elections.

Monday marks the second week of the campaigns promoting candidates for the presidency and the legislative councils, which will be held on May 20 in Venezuela.


Venezuela's Presidential Candidates and their Platforms

While members of the right-wing Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) coalition decided not to take part in the process, rejecting the agreements reached between the opposition and the government during the talks in the Dominican Republic, other parties are and candidates support it and believe in the democratic participation as a mechanism to contest the country's presidency.

A total of five candidates started their presidential campaign on April 22 to inform the people and convince them of their proposals.

Javier Bertucci

The candidate for “Hope for Change,” Javier Bertucci, said the National Electoral Council (CNE), in charge of organizing and carrying out the electoral process, has complied with every electoral guarantee so far.

“This is the outcome of a group of voters decided to fight for this country. It's a movement that will leave a mark in the history of Venezuela for ever. This is #HopeForChange”

“I don't believe the CNE would make president someone that didn't earn it, someone that didn't win with votes. That's difficult because every political organization will take care of their own tally sheets, which can be verified with the CNE ones,” said Bertucci during a campaign act in the state of Monagas.

The candidate also said that thanks to the electoral guarantees, his political team will have board witnesses in every polling station in the country.

Henri Falcon

The candidate for the Movement to Socialism (MAS), Progressive Vanguard (AP) and Copei, Henri Falcon, rejected the call for abstentionism that some opposition parties have promoted, and encouraged the people to vote in next elections.


“How many Venezuelans today hope to see the sunrise from their land, enjoy its landscapes with security and optimism. Let's give a vote to the Venezuela of reencounter. It's possible! Good morning from #Sucre #April29 #7am”

“Abstentionism is a terrible mistake. Abstentionism has no fate, no aim, no use. It's time to do what we need to do for Venezuela: voting,” said Falcon in Sucre, northern Venezuela.

Luis Alejandro Ratti

The independent candidate Luis Alejandro Ratti said he trusts the CNE and its guarantees.

“The machines won't cheat. Our witnesses and the other candidate's are doing audits along with international partners,” said Ratti in an interview with a local T.V. channel.

However, Ratti decided to step out from the High-Level Commission for Monitoring the Electoral Guarantees Agreement, composed by a representative for every candidate and their parties.

The candidate decided to leave the commission “until the CNE says something about the petition for a meeting between [presidential] candidates and [the CNE's] directors... and about the candidate's security,” despite the electoral authorities already requested the Ministry of Interior, Justice and Peace for a meeting with the parties' representatives to agree on mechanisms for the normal development of the campaigns.

Reinaldo Quijada

The candidate for the People's Political Unity 89 (UPP89) party was the first one to register his candidacy to the electoral authorities and said he has confidence in the CNE.

During the campaign, Quijada called the people to vote and take part in the elections in a peaceful manner, rejecting the interference proposed by the international right.

While Ratti and Bertucci declared they are considering the possibility to join forces and propose a single candidate, Quijada said he has no plans to collaborate with other candidates during the campaign.

Nicolas Maduro Moros

On his part, Nicolas Maduro, the candidate for a coalition of left-wing parties called Frente Amplio de la Patria (FAP), called for a massive vote and asked the people to make him president with 10 million votes.

Recently, Maduro posted a video calling on all Venezuelans to vote and “defend the national independence of the homeland at the service of its people.”

The current President of Venezuela has expressed his confidence towards the electoral authorities multiple times, which he has called one of the most transparent in the world.

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