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Voices Rise in Chile for the ‘Right to Live in Peace’ Concert

  • Thousands gather for the 'Right to Live in Peace' Concert in Chile March 24, 2019

    Thousands gather for the 'Right to Live in Peace' Concert in Chile March 24, 2019 | Photo: Chilean Communist Party

Published 24 March 2019

Inti Illimani and Illapu are part of more than 20 other bands and singers that participated in this free concert that is taking place in Chile’s capital.

Approximately 30,000 people have gathered in Santiago, Chile for the “Right to Live in Peace” Concert, organized to protest foreign intervention in Venezuela and the recently created right-wing South American block ProSur, according to organizers.

Chile: Activists, Social Movements Protest Against US-Backed Integration Body Prosur

"South America has never accepted an external military intervention, but now there is a tangible threat of subjugation of the continent by force," founding member of Chilean Inti Illimani Jorge Coulon said Sunday, adding that the concert “will be in favor of the self-determination of the continent for the right to live in peace.” 

The popular group is part of more than 20 other bands and singers that participated in this free concert that took place in Paseo Bulnes, in Chile’s capital center. Illapu, Sol y Lluvia, Moral Distraida, Villa Cariño, Banda Conmoción, Folckband, Ankatu Alquinta, Legua York and the lead singers Evelyn Cornejo, Carmen Prieto, Tomo Como Rey, Francisco Villa, Manual de Carroña, Juan Ayala and Hector Pavez were also part of the repertoire. 

"This initiative comes from many social organizations to say no to the intervention in Venezuela and yes to self-determination and yes to peace. From that rises a need, when we are seeing an arrival of a very conservative right-wing sector through Prosur, thus it is fundamental that we organize ourselves," explained the President of the Confederation of Students of Chile, Karla Toro. 

Also, as the President of the Association of Relatives of Disappeared Detainees, Lorena Pizarro said, this is an opportunity to protests Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s visit to Chile, adding that “a fascist like Bolsonaro cannot come to Chile and roam like nothing, reproducing his hate speech”. 

The concert reached the leader of the legendary band Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, who through a video supported the initiative and invited citizens to participate. “To watch that evil empire (U.S.) trying to destroy Venezuela is sickening. The coup failed. My heart is with you. We are strong and will win this battle in the end," added Waters.

Organizations such as the Unitary Workers' Center, National Coordinator of Migrants, Union of Workers of Dance Artists, Confederation of Copper Workers encouraged others to participate; as most young social, political and youth movements did, such as the Communist Youth, Progressive Youth, Autonomist Movement, Commons, Libertarian Left, New Democracy, SOL, Miguel Enriquez Rebel Youth, Equality, MAS-IC, Socialist Youth and the Humanist Party.

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