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Vladimir Putin Talks With German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Sep. 13, 2022.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Sep. 13, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@Marianna9110

Published 13 September 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin said western sanctions on Russia triggered the Nord Stream-1 gas pipeline problems.

Putin's remarks came during a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. They discussed issues concerning the energy crisis, human rights, the Zoporozhie nuclear power plant (ZNPP) and Ukrainian grain.

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According to a Kremlin statement, the Russian president told the German chancellor that "interruptions, for example, in the operation of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, are caused by anti-Russian sanctions that interfere with the pipeline's technical maintenance."

In this regard, Putin added that "Russia has been and remains a reliable supplier of energy resources, fulfilling all its contractual obligations," while the EU, for its part, has acted cynically by blaming Moscow for Europe's energy problems.

The Russian president also mentioned Ukraine's flagrant violations of international humanitarian law and the continued shelling of Donbass cities, killing civilians and damaging civilian infrastructure. 

In a conversation with Olaf Scholz, Vladimir Putin drew attention to the flagrant violations of international humanitarian law by Kiev and its persistent bombing of the Donbass region. 

As for the ZNPP, which is under continuous shelling by Ukrainian forces, Putin spoke of the measures coordinated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to protect the plant at risk of a major radiation disaster.

Speaking about the implementation of the Ukrainian grain deal concluded in Istanbul last July, Putin showed his concern, saying that only a negligible part of Ukrainian sea shipments of grain reaches the neediest countries. 

The Russian side also warned of remaining obstacles to Russian food and fertilizer exports. The country is ready to supply large quantities of grain to foreign markets and provide impoverished countries with fertilizers blocked at European ports free of charge, Putin said. 

Currently, only part of the Nord Stream-1 capacity is being used due to maintenance difficulties with its turbines related to anti-Russian sanctions. In addition, the same is true for the Nord Stream-2 pipeline, which, although completed, has not become operational due to these sanctions. 

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