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  • Bratt Murgueitio participated in a publicity stunt that attacked single mothers.

    Bratt Murgueitio participated in a publicity stunt that attacked single mothers. | Photo: YouTube

Published 23 May 2018

The song's content is being investigated by state's prosecutors' office for attacking an at-risk population. 

A former Ecuadorean reality TV star, Bratt Murgueitio, released a song targeting single mothers, causing social media outrage and a state investigation. A day later, Pompis diapers, a brand owned by the multinational brand Zaimella, published a second video making it clear the hateful song was part of a publicity stunt.

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The hateful song dedicated to single mothers, or how the video calls them, “all those mothers that play the victim every day” angered social media users. The song has been accused of hate speech for calling single mothers a “bad example,” arguing they have “no rights as mothers” and that they “deserve the worst.” 

“What future can you give them if failure is your reality?,” the video contends. To make things worse, the song’s video clip depicts non-wealthy working mothers. Some working in a market, others working as nannies and returning home carrying their babies.

Some however, thought the song was an example of bravery against a “hypocritical” society that praises “irresponsible” mothers.

The prosecutor’s office launched an investigation at the request of the Ecuadorean Association for Child Welfare, which argued “we cannot allow attacks against this at-risk group.”

Following the backlash, Pompis diapers revealed the video was part of a publicity campaign that in reality aims to honor “all-terrain moms,” and eventually maximize their diapers sales.

“I decided to join the Pompis cause because it is necessary to recognize those all-terrain mothers, dignify them… If you defended them in social media why not do it in real life?”

Despite the clarification, many have called for a boycott against the brand and mocked the publicity stunt with messages like “there is no #pompis model that can help clean up such a load of shit.”

The prosecutor's office is yet to announce whether the investigation for discrimination against the at-risk group will continue and include the brand that sponsored the video.

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