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Violence in Almaguer Municipality Displaces Colombian Farmers

  • Caravan of displaced farmers in Colombia.

    Caravan of displaced farmers in Colombia. | Photo: Twitter/ @VivaNicaragua13

Published 16 August 2022

Confrontations among illegal armed groups have caused the massive displacement of farmers towards the urban areas of the Cauca Valley.

On Monday, the Network for Life and Human Rights of Cauca (RVDHC) denounced that at least 300 Colombian farmers have been forced to abandon their homes in the Cauca Valley, where armed groups are vying for control of territories for drug trafficking and illegal mining.


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The confrontations have caused the massive displacement of farmers towards the urban areas of the Almaguer municipality and towards Popayan City. Since the beginning of the new wave of confrontations on August 11, the violence has spread to towns such as Pitayas, El Garbanzal, Casa Blanca, Higuerillos, El Silencio, La Tarabita, and La Honda.

Human rights defenders also denounced that an 18-year-old girl was injured in both of her legs, while she was taking refuge from the shots in her home located in Higuerillos.

Lawmaker Jorge Bastidas pointed out that mainstream media is not reporting what happens because the upsurge in violence occurs in areas with little visibility for public opinion.

“Imagine if this were happening in Bogota's Rosales neighborhood. Sure it would be the news. However, as it happens in Almaguer, it is neither news, nor trend, nor anything,” he said.

The Ombudsman's Office expressed concern about the conflict between illegal groups and mentioned that it will participate in a Transitional Justice Committee to activate a contingency plan.

Taking advantage of the presence of Vice President Francia Marquez in the region, Governor Elias Larrahondo asked the Defense Ministry to hold a security council to address the humanitarian situation in the department of Cauca.

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