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Vietnam Strengthens Relations with Latin America

  • A biker rides through the streets of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam located in the north of the country.

    A biker rides through the streets of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam located in the north of the country. | Photo: AFP

Published 27 October 2015

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam has held close relations with Cuba since the 1960s and is working with Venezuela on various social projects.

Vietnam is strengthening its ties with Latin America this week after holding meetings with officials from both Venezuela and Cuba to discuss areas they hold in common.

The meetings started Monday in Venezuela when the minister for habitat and housing, Manuel Quevedo, met with the ambassador to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Ngo Tien Dung, in Caracas.

Among some of things the two parties discussed was housing, industrialization and other social projects, according to the Venezuelan state media.

“Right now, we are giving much importance to the part of social projects, because in Vietnam you have a lot of technology that can help, and in the industrial part. Vietnam is a great friend, President Nicolas Maduro has every intention of strengthening all commercial ties and develop them,” said Quevedo.

The Venezuelan official also promised to carefully review the social and housing projects in Vietnam to see what it can learn from the Asian country's tactics.

Although poverty remains a major issue in the country, Vietnam has succeeded in drastically reducing the poverty levels in the past two decades. In the early 1990s, poverty levels were at 60 percent, while today it stands at 20 percent.

The Venezuelan minister also took the time to speak about its country's housing mission, which includes the construction of 3,000,000 homes.

Meanwhile, officials from Vietnam traveled to Cuba Monday to reinforce its military relations.

The Deputy Minister and Chief the Vietnam People's Army, Gen. Do Ba Ty, and a small delegation from Hanoi were received in Havana Monday by the chief of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba, Gen. Alvaro Lopez Miera.

The two countries have had close bilateral relations since the 1960s and are considered close economic and political allies, according to Cuban media. They met this week in order to “develop and make more efficient mutual relations in the military field,” said the Vietnamese general.

Vietnam is one of Cuba’s most important Asian and Oceania trading partners, second only to China.

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