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Venezuela’s State Airline: A Symbol of Sovereignty in 2020

  • Two parked Conviasa aircraft sit ready to embark on a mission to return Venezuelan citizens.

    Two parked Conviasa aircraft sit ready to embark on a mission to return Venezuelan citizens. | Photo: Conviasa

Published 27 December 2020 (2 hours 41 minutes ago)

Here are some of Conviasa's praiseworthy triumphs as the Bolivarian Revolution ramps up efforts to combat the U.S. blockade.

Venezuela’s state airline Conviasa transported 1,300,000 kilos of air cargo in 2020, flying distances as far as China and Russia to bring medical supplies and equipment for the public health system and other necessary items whose acquisition and transport are made complicated under the criminal US-led blockade.


Venezuelans Repatriated from Argentina in Time for the New Year

In December alone, the airline repatriated hundreds of Venezuelans from around Latin America; supported international trade with the transport of agroindustrial samples to Russia; delivered a ninth humanitarian cargo shipment of medical supplies from China and resumed commercial flights between Caracas and Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Conviasa was in many instances key to transporting Cuban doctors and specialists and their Venezuelan colleagues amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“In 2020, we overcame obstacles with a safe, fast and efficient service, we transported 1,300,000 kilos of air cargo this year,” said the Vice Minister of Air Transport and President of Conviasa, Ramón Velásquez Araguayán.

It was thanks to Conviasa’s air cargo service that the entry of food and medicine was made possible, particularly as the effects of the existing criminal sanctions were exacerbated by global coronavirus measures which halted entire economies.

Amid the pandemic and adversity, Conviasa accomplished more than 305 maintenance tasks thanks to the labour of thousands of workers who continued to work throughout the period of Covid restrictions.

The Bolivarian government never ceased to prioritize humanitarian flights in the region and in some cases overseas, the majority of which were made possible thanks to Conviasa.

The operations have continued despite coercive sanctions under which Venezuela’s aircraft cannot operate in United States territory, nor can it fly over U.S. airspace, a violation of the freedom of the skies which is guaranteed to all airlines as established by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Among other relevant measures, U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control punishes any transaction between a U.S. citizen and company with the Venezuelan airline.

However, this and other persecution by U.S. lackey states has only increased Venezuela’s levels of strategic cooperation with its allies . The airline which undeniably has taken a hit, continues to fly, finding itself in a “full expansion phase” as noted by Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza on December 19.

The airline intends to strengthen its service to Russia in 2021 by offering two weekly flights. It’s also offering options to touristic destinations.

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