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Venezuela's New Assembly: the People's Hope for Economic Upturn

  • Great Patriotic Pole Simon Bolivar holds a rally in Caracas, Venezuela, Nov. 20, 2020.

    Great Patriotic Pole Simon Bolivar holds a rally in Caracas, Venezuela, Nov. 20, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @PartidoPSVU

Published 3 January 2021

"The new lawmakers will begin a new cicle of dialogue and reconciliation," President Nicolas Maduro assured.

Venezuela's new National Assembly (AN) on Tuesday will be settled with the aim of promoting laws to confront the U.S. administration's hostile policy towards the Venezuelan government and people.


Venezuela Condemns National Assambly's New Leadership

"The new lawmakers are our country's hope to begin a new cycle of dialogue and reconciliation," President Nicolas Maduro said as he called "disastrous" the outgoing Assembly.

The main challenges of the AN will be to achieve peace and the well-being of the people. To accomplish this, it will focus on enacting laws that will restore the economy, parliamentary institutions, and political stability.

The first step will be for ministers to be held accountable and provide solutions to "recover revenue sources, confront bureaucratism, and corruption," Maduro assured.

The Communal Parliament Law, which seeks to institutionalize the People's Power through the Plan 200 Carabobo, will be the first bill to be debated by the Assembly.

"This 2020 has been a year of lessons and great battles. We learned that we did not get anywhere without the people's support. That is why communes will be the center of the transformations," the President said, alluding to Plan 200 Carabobo.

The initiative seeks to recover the country's social, political, family, community, and economic life. The government proposes to build 200 socialist cities to attend to the people's primary needs. 

To accomplish this plan, the new National Assembly "will play a key role. It must promote laws that establish the plan's structure, as well as the priorities, policies, goals, and daily tasks that we must accomplish. There is no time to lose," he said.

"200 Carabobo" is also a new effort to strengthen the country's public services, which received over 2,000 attacks promoted by the U.S. throughout this year.

"Hand in hand with the NA, we will build a better society, strengthen our legal system, and push the nation forward," Maduro assured.

Another of the country's priorities for 2021 will be to guarantee food sovereignty. To achieve this, the National Assembly will discuss the AgroVenezuela Bill (GMAV).

The project is a response to the crisis generated by the COVID-19 and the U.S. blockade. It aims to make the agricultural sector to respond to people's daily subsistence needs.

AgroVenezuela seeks to promote food production, improve the sector's technological development, and achieve further supplies.

"The government will focus on guaranteeing people's food and livelihood. The AgroVenezuela Great Mission will be a success," Maduro said as he recalled that the project was drafted thanks to farmers and popular movement's support.

Despite the pandemic and Washington's blockade that intends to stifle Venezuela, "the country is moving forward. The people will have a socialist economy to meet their needs," he said.

The National Assembly, to be settled from 2021 to 2026, will lead Venezuela's renewal process. "It will make the road ahead easier," the President added.

The legislative power will be formed by 277 lawmakers, who were elected on December 6 parliamentary elections, in which the ruling Great Patriotic Pole Simon Bolivar obtained the majority of the votes.

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