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Venezuela's National Assembly Orders Guaido to Appear in Court

  • Opposition Leader Juan Guaido.

    Opposition Leader Juan Guaido. | Photo: Twitter/ @venanalysis

Published 5 March 2021

Thirty-seven of his self-proclaimed "diplomatic representatives" must also answer for their involvement in illegal acts.

A Special Parliamentary Commission Thursday asked Venezuela's National Assembly (AN) to order Juan Guaido and 61 of his collaborators to appear in court over corruption scandals.


Guaido Steals US$40 Million of Venezuelan Assets, Report Holds

The president of the Commission that investigates damages against Venezuela between 2016-2021, Jose Brito, informed that the list of opposition members called to appear before justice includes Guaido's 37 self-proclaimed "diplomatic representatives" abroad.

Brito also requested the NA for a 45-day extension to continue investigating the corruption scheme led by Guaido, who is accused of illegally appropriating the assets of CITGO Petroleum Corporation, a subsidiary of Petroleum of Venezuela (PDVSA) in the United States.

"We have never had in our history corruption events like those committed by Juan Guaido and his gang. They enriched themselves with the nation's resources," Venezuelan Comptroller Elvis Amoroso recalled.

"The sentences against corrupt politicians must be more severe to compensate the patrimonial damage they do to the country," he stressed and urged lawmakers to modify the laws that sanction acts of corruption and mafias.

In 2020, the Venezuelan judicial system received 216 requests for actions against Guaido to uncover the corruption network he leads.

This U.S.-backed opposition politician is also being investigated for appropriating the Colombia-based Monomeros company, the Venezuelan money blocked in international banks, and humanitarian aid sent to the country.

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