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Venezuela's Maduro Says OAS Will Not Stop Constituent Assembly

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro | Photo: Reuters

Published 22 June 2017

"We are going to battle for the truth. The truth of Venezuela," President Nicolas Maduro said.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reiterated Thursday that the Organization of American States will not stop the country's National Constituent Assembly and called for an end to interventionist maneuvers against the left-wing government. 

Interventionist Moves Against Venezuela Fail Again at OAS Meeting

“Not the OAS nor a thousand OAS's will detain the constituent process, it's a sovereign decision by Venezuelans,” Maduro said during a press conference with international media in Caracas.

“Venezuela will not recognize in any way nothing that comes out of the OAS,” the president continued.

“We will rebel and confront it in any way," he added. “No one from the OAS will enter Venezuela."

Maduro said that if Luis Almagro steps down as Secretary-General of the OAS, Venezuela will consider returning to the regional body. He said the official should allow other countries to restructure and reorganize the OAS.

Caracas has repeatedly accused Almagro and the OAS of promoting destabilization and foreign intervention in the South American country. The country began the process of leaving the organization after constant attacks.

"The world knows that it needs an energetic power like Venezuela in peace,"  Maduro said.

At OAS Meeting, Attacks and Support Continue for Venezuela

Maduro said the dialogue the government has proposed to tackle the political situation will continue with the presence of observers from the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Saint Vincent, as well as the Vatican and former presidents of various countries.

The opposition, which previously pressed for a Constituent Assembly, now says it will rebel against Maduro's call and boycot the democratic elections that will take place on July 30 to select the representatives that will be tasked with drafting the new constitution.

Maduro recalled that the country will have two elections in 2017, one for the Constituent Assembly and another to elect 23 governors. Another election for mayors will be announced at a later date. He said that during the 18 years of the Bolivarian Revolution Venezuela has had 20 electoral processes.

“Venezuela is the hope of many in the world, that another world is possible," Maduro said. "We cannot allow the crucifying of Venezuela and allow them to install a fascist government."

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