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  • Venezuelans are preparing to cast their ballots in October but no date has been given yet.

    Venezuelans are preparing to cast their ballots in October but no date has been given yet. | Photo: EFE

Published 16 August 2017

Opponents of the government had criticized the ballots for state governors and legislatures but decided last week to take part.

Venezuela's National Electoral Council says more than a thousand people have presented their applications to run for October's regional elections, including hundreds of opposition candidates who once opposed and tried to boycott the polls.

Venezuela Can Give US 'Free and Fair Elections' Lessons!

The President of the CNE, Tibisay Lucena, said around 800 applications have been processed.

21 political organizations have registered at the national level and 55 others have done so regionally.

Lucena said 1,534 registrations have been received online, of which 542 have been admitted including pro-government and opposition parties.

199 have been modified and 4 applications have been rejected.

"A total of 226 candidates will participate in the regional elections," Lucena said.

The opposition, which had criticized the elections and called the process fraudulent, has registered 196 candidates.

The Democratic Action and Justice First parties are running candidates in 22 states while the Popular Will party has registered candidates in 14 states. 

Smaller opposition parties have also launched candidacies in a handful of states. 

The electoral campaign chief, Jorge Rodriguez, said the political parties which make up the country's revolutionary forces have submitted their candidacies.

Rodriguez added that "together with the party PSUV, (which was founded by the late Venezuela leader Hugo Chavez) we have achieved the perfect alliance in all the candidacies for the 23 states in the country."

He also said "our project is peace and the future to ensure that Venezuelan democracy is consolidated under the protection of the ANC (National Constituent Assembly)."

Rodriguez went on to say "the right is fighting for the governorships but we Chavez people are committed to win and ratify our confidence in the Venezuelan electoral system because it is the most transparent in the world."

The regional elections, which had been scheduled to take place on December 10, will now be held in October, but no date has yet been announced.

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