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  • Massive protests took place June 1, 2016 through the streest of Caracas, toward Miraflores, where Maduro addressed the crowds.

    Massive protests took place June 1, 2016 through the streest of Caracas, toward Miraflores, where Maduro addressed the crowds. | Photo: teleSUR / Olivier Acuña

Published 1 June 2016

Venezuelans across the political divide reject any type of foreign intervention in Venezuela.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of the Venezuelan capital Caracas to reject any attempts at intervention by another country or organization into their internal affairs.

Is There Hunger in Venezuela?

Pro-government and opposition demonstrators were out in the streets and followed thousands of youths of all corners of the country and of diverse background to condemn what they described as a “Yankee-backed” attempt to deepen the destabilization of Venezuela and create a false impression that the Latin American country is in dire need of foreign intervention.

“I honestly voted for the opposition, thinking they could do something good for the country but me and many others that voted against the PSUV (the ruling socialist party of President Nicolas Maduro) are now realizing that they are traitors to the principles and sovereignty of our country,” Wilmer Fuentes, a motorcycle taxi driver told teleSUR.

Fuentes was a couple of blocks from the presidential Miraflores Palace, where Maduro addressed thousands of outraged Venezuelans decrying the what they refer to the “interventionist attempts" by Organization of American States head, Luis Almagro. The Venezuelan president refers to Almagro as "the traitor,” given that he was foreign minister for former Uruguayan president and Venezuela ally, Jose Mujica.

Wilmer Fuentes was very eager to show teleSUR a video the fruits and vegetables he, as well as millions more in Caracas, are growing in their homes as a measure against certain scarcities.

The motorcycle taxi driver said, “I was obviously deceived by idiots such as Henry Allup Ramos … he’s not only a fucking idiot, but also a traitor to the nation, because today it’s obvious that all he has in mind is selling our country to the interests of countries such as the United States and others, whose only interest in our country is our resources … obviously, I take responsibility for voting for such an ingrate.”

Up to ten thousand people marched towards Miraflores against the declaration by Almagro, who seeks to invoke the Democratic Charter against Venezuela, a move which has been received coldly across the region.

Showdown Looms as OAS Calls 'Extraordinary' Meet on Venezuela

Marice Briceño also turned out, though he also didnt identify with the government.

“I’m here not to support Maduro, because honestly, his government has made a few mistakes that have many of us are not too happy about, but you tell me what president of which country has not made mistakes … I’m here because I was nearby and decided to come and show my solidarity against the disrespect that people like Almagro are showing against our peaceful country,” he told teleSUR.

Ramos ad Briceño are among the majority of Venezuelans who say that despite the difficult times the country is going through, there’s no need for any foreign entity to come into the country to resolve “our problems.”

“I do have some difficulties and I do understand Maduro has made a few mistakes, but it’s not so bad that we can’t resolve our issues with hard work, solidarity, unity, but most important of all, without foreign intervention … we don’t want that, we don’t need that,” Briceño, a housewife and mother of three children said.

Juan Francisco Grasio was more direct when speaking of the opposition and Almagro.

“I am a loyal Chavista and I consider myself to be very faithful to the Bolivarian Revolution, and I want to tell people like Almagro that we are people that love peace and hate war, but I want to warn them against trying to intervene.”

The now retired Grasio, 72, added that late President Hugo Chavez was responsible for providing “millions of people have homes and pensions and live decently."

Briceño also warned that Venezuelan's would respond to a military intervention.

“So, the United States and any other foreign force can come here with armored war tanks, they can send their deadly military jets, they can send troops to try to invade us, and they will find such a huge resistance from the people that they will have to go back home defeated and humiliated, because nobody here wants them … well except for those 112 National Assembly lawmakers that are doing nothing for the people they represent,” said Briceño.

Maduro Warns of Intervention

Meanwhile, an impassioned Maduro reiterated his rejection of Almagro's statements to supporters, who chanted “our country is not for sale … our country is ready to defend itself” as he spoke.

Head of OAS Won't Retract Strident Attack on Venezuela's Maduro

“The world will hear about this act of solidarity in which people of all backgrounds and of all corners of the country are participating to make their voices heard and those voices are clearly rejecting any form of foreign intervention,” Maduro told the crowds. “Imperialism is attempting to meddle in our internal affairs thanks to (opposition leader Henry Ramos) Allup, who instead of doing what he is mandated to do as a representative of the people for the people, has gone to ask foreign governments and organizations to come here and intervene in our democracy, but they will fail.”

Grasio said he believes that the opposition is in concert with the United States, attempting to pull off another Chile-type destabilization—a reference to the crisis Chile went through of food scarcity and political crisis as a prelude to the 1973 military coup against Salvador Allende.

"This is nothing more than a Chilenada and it is being provoked in our country by the same government that ousted Allende, but little do they know that we, unlike Chileans, will not allow this to happen in our country," he concluded.

Foreign media has attempted to depict Venezuela as a country of scarcities, but this photo in downtown Caracas proves otherwise.

The plan for US "intervention" can be seen at: http://www.voltairenet.org/article192033.html
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