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Venezuelans Demand the Release of Diplomat Alex Saab

  • The poster reads,

    The poster reads, "Free Alex Saab. They couldn't break him." | Photo: Twitter/ @EmbaVEEgipto

Published 16 December 2022

In June 2020, he was detained in Cape Verde after fulfilling a trip dedicated to the acquisition of food, medicine, and fuel for the Venezuelan people.

On Friday, thousands of Venezuelans gathered in Caracas to demand the release of Bolivarian diplomat Alex Saab, who has been unjustly imprisoned in the United States for more than a year.


The Saab Case Is Political and Manipulated by the US: Fabri

The rally took place near the National Assembly, where the Venezuelan lawmakers were debating the "Agreement in Defense of Respect for Alex Saab's Status as a Diplomat, Kidnapped in the United States in Clear Violation of International Laws and Treaties."

Social organizations harshly questioned the United States for abrogating the right to unilaterally determine whether a diplomat from a foreign nation can enjoy immunity or not.

They also denounced the political nature of the trial against Saab in U.S. courts and asked Washington to respect international treaties and practices related to diplomatic immunity.

The tweet reads, "Camilla Fabri, the wife of Diplomat Alex Saab, appreciated the support that people have always given her husband. She said, 'On Dec. 16, we are here to remind Imperialism that our voice must be respected.'"

In the midst of the US blockade against Venezuela in 2018, the Bolivarian government appointed Saab as its special envoy, a condition that guarantees him diplomatic immunity. Washington, however, did not recognize such status.

In June 2020, he was illegally detained in Cape Verde when he was returning to Venezuela after fulfilling the order of the Bolivarian government to negotiate the acquisition of food, medicine, and fuel for the Venezuelan people.

Saab spent 491 days in detention in Cape Verde, where he was subjected to torture and cruel and degrading treatment. Subsequently, he was illegally extradited to the U.S. in October 2021.


Alex Saab
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