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Venezuelans Celebrate Return to 100% Face-to-Face Classes

  • Venezuelan children attending school

    Venezuelan children attending school | Photo: VTV

Published 3 October 2022

The Executive Vice President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, stated this Monday from the facilities of the Escuela Básica Miguel Antonio Caro, located in the Sucre parish, Caracas, that children are returning this Monday to 100% face-to-face classes after the COVID-19 pandemic, under strict biosecurity measures.

"Classes are going to be face-to-face; remember, in 2020, we were in virtual classes; in 2021, we had a combined cycle of semi-presential and this year, we are going to be face-to-face at all levels to have a happy return to classes, of communication between our children, between our girls, teachers and teachers," said Rodriguez.

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He highlighted the importance of maintaining the biosecurity measures in COVID-19 prevention, the use of masks and hand hygiene, "we have vaccination centers not only against COVID-19 but for all the vaccines that our children should have, pentavalent, polio, influenza, measles, yellow fever, and booster vaccines".

He also emphasized that it is essential to give booster shots to students, teachers and administrative personnel every four months.

In this regard, the Minister of People's Power for Health, Magaly Gutiérrez, indicated that the Community Integral Health Areas (ASIC) are deployed in each educational center of the country to reach a 95% vaccination rate. Likewise, she said that oral health, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition and pediatrics campaigns are being carried out with the Health goes to School plan.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Education, Yelitze Santaella, reported that the start of classes had been joyful. Every child is being attended through the PAE (School Feeding Program) to impact the most vulnerable areas.

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