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  • The new judges were sworn in on Wednesday afternoon.

    The new judges were sworn in on Wednesday afternoon. | Photo: VTV

Published 23 December 2015

Nearly 400 lawyers were considered for the positions.

On Wednesday afternoon the Venezuelan National Assembly swore in 13 new Supreme Court judges and 21 substitutes.

United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) legislators stated that nearly 400 lawyers had been considered by the postulations committee of the assembly for the positions, with nominations made by October this year.

Among other things, the Supreme Court has the power to rule whether the impeachment of a president, vice president, ministers, and other positions is valid. The National Assembly needs two-thirds support to change members of the Supreme Court, but after failing to reach that in two votes, on a third vote the assembly can pass the measures with just a simple majority. The PSUV only has a simple majority, and put the motion twice on Tuesday without it being passed, but successfully passed it in a third sitting Wednesday.

“The new judges and their substitutes being sworn in.”

The newly elected National Assembly, with a right-wing super majority, will take office on Jan. 5

WATCH: Venezuela: Nat'l Assembly to Appoint Supreme Court Judges

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