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  • Venezuelan Oil Minister Tareck Aissami

    Venezuelan Oil Minister Tareck Aissami | Photo: @JMBlancoVTV

Published 31 May 2020

Venezuela's Oil Minister Tareck El Aissami assured that one of the objectives of the new gasoline price scheme is to attack the fuel mafias.

The new distribution and marketing scheme for gasoline, which will take effect from this Monday, June 1, contemplates direct subsidy through the Homeland System, where more than 19 million Venezuelans are registered, announced Tareck El Aissami, vice president for the economic Area.


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In the new hydrocarbons policy scheme, El Aissami indicated that this scheme will overcome the infamous criminal aggressions imposed by the United States against the Venezuelan people and Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa), as well as attack the mafias that are dedicated to smuggling fuel.

"It is a new gasoline distribution scheme, it is a new step that we could consider fair ... it seeks to normalize and regularize the supply of fuel for the entire country," the oil minister also said.

He reported that starting tomorrow, June 1, from 06:30 local time, more than 1,300 gas stations will be open to supply Venezuelans in a subsidized way through the Patria de la Patria card.

The 1,368 gasoline stations will be automatically interconnected so that users have direct access to gasoline with the subsidy of the Patria program, he said.

In this scheme, up to 120 liters with a value of 5,000 bolivars per liter can be purchased in the case of automobiles and 60 for motorcycles in the course of a month.

According to the database of the National Institute of Land Transportation (INTT), where the automotive fleet of Venezuela is registered to guarantee the subsidy of gasoline, all vehicles registered with INTT can enter the Patria system, he explained.

"Anyone can access the Patria system and register to obtain a subsidy benefit," he insisted.

In the Patria system, gasoline consumption will be updated. If you consume more than 120 liters a month, you can continue to opt for fuel but at an unsubsidized price, he explained.

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