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Venezuelan Govt. Launches Proposals to Improve Public Services

  • Public Works Minister Nestor Reverol (C), Caracas, Venezuela, Feb. 9, 2021.

    Public Works Minister Nestor Reverol (C), Caracas, Venezuela, Feb. 9, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @NestorLReverol

Published 9 February 2021

The proposals are part of the "Carabobo 200" Plan that seeks to improve public services amid the U.S. sanctions against the Bolivarian nation.


Venezuela's Public Works Minister Nestor Reverol on Tuesday announced proposals to improve the supply of domestic gas, electricity, and potable water to the population this 2021.


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"We will install a 'Situational Room' that will be active 24 hours a day so we can have an early warning system for local problems," Reverol explained.

Starting next week, Public Work officials will be deployed throughout the country to learn more about the people's needs to stabilize public services.

Regarding water supply, the official announced the creation of a chemical transportation plan to achieve water potabilization.

Reverol also addressed the need to strengthen the National Electric System (SEN), which has been the target of sabotage by the opposition in recent years to generate unrest among the people.

"With the National Electric Corporation (CORPOELEC) help, we will recover and incorporate the broken transformers and create new factories that produce raw materials for the sector," he assured.

Venezuela plans to create a new lamp factory in Punto Fijo city that will produce 50,000 light bulbs per day. 

To boost the gas supply, "we will import 3 million gas cylinders to recover 425 million cubic feet of liquefied petroleum gas in April," he explained.

The proposals are part of the "Carabobo 200" Plan created to strengthen public services in the country and offer effective solutions to the people's problems.

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