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  •  The attack on the electricity system has affected at least 70 percent of the country, according to the Venezuelan government

    The attack on the electricity system has affected at least 70 percent of the country, according to the Venezuelan government | Photo: Reuters

Published 11 March 2019

The announcement was made by President Maduro in order to allow for better coordination of the teams the electrical issues in the country. 

The Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, stated that the national government has decided to extend the suspension of work activities and school classes for all levels of education until Wednesday, in the context of the attack on the electricity system.

He expressed admiration for the courage the people have shown in the face of the situation and their capacity to understand the current situation.

 Light And Electricity Gradually Returning To Venezuela

Earlier in the day the Minister of Popular Power for Communication and Information, Jorge Rodríguez, reported that since Thursday they have received "five criminal attacks against the national electricity system", but they have been able to make great strides to recover.

Venezuela has recorded attacks on its electricity system since last Thursday when the government accused members of the U.S government of involvement.

Earlier in the day Venezuela's Vice President of Planning, Ricardo Menéndez,  had informed that in the face of the social contingency generated by the electrical sabotage, four measures would be carried out as a priority.

The measures are to strengthen the monitoring of the functioning of medical services; exercise a special plan to guarantee communal gas in the country's homes; supply the nation with water through tanker trucks; carry out the distribution of basic foods through the Clap (Local Committee of Supply and Production), which could reach 10 million boxes and bags to distribute in the territory.

Also, the minister sent a message to the aggressors who attempted against the country's electrical system, assuring them: "The coup d'état failed" and accusing that the intention of the attack was to generate situations of chaos, affectation and confrontation, scenarios that did not happen , due to the "enormous moral and conscience of the Venezuelan people, an element they did not have inside their board: they did not know about the moral and the mystique of the Venezuelan people," the 49-year-old politician said.

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