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Venezuelan Foreign Minister Rejects New US Sanctions

  • "The Venezuelan people demonstrated yesterday (during the election day) that they have a strong arm and do not let themselves be twisted," said Arreaza. | Photo: @vencancilleria

Published 21 May 2018

Chancellor Arreaza affirmed that there is no restrictive measure or pressure preventing continuing with the world's paths to freedom.

Venezuela's Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, rejected on Monday the new sanctions imposed by the United States Government against the South American nation, based on non-compliance with international law.

During a press conference, the Venezuelan minister mentioned that these issues were touched upon during a meeting with the international observers of Sunday's elections, in which he pointed out the interventionist actions of U.S. President Donald Trump against the public debt and Venezuelan bonds.

 Ceela Electoral Experts Say Venezuela Vote Reflects 'Will of the People,' Must Be Respected

Arreaza criticized the U.S. administration for not allowing the liquidation of assets in the territory of the North American country, in order to make Venezuela surrender, while stressing that Venezuelans remain strong.

"There is no unilateral measure, no type of pressure from that power that can intimidate the Venezuelan people, we are going to continue with our friends around the world opening paths for freedom," said the Venezuelan official.

For her part, the Panafrican parliament deputy, Suilma Dairuk, highlighted the transparency of the Venezuelan electoral system, "in which the citizens expressed their will".

"It is a great victory for democracy and transparency in which the will of the Venezuelan people and its president Nicolás Maduro has been clearly expressed," said the African deputy.

African leader Roland Lumumba affirmed that the people of Africa have always reiterated their support for Venezuela, former President Hugo Chávez and re-elected President Nicolás Maduro.

"We have to go beyond the speeches and move on to real events (...) different peoples of Africa have been at the side of this country supporting it," added Lumumba.

The Palestinian representative and specialist in human and international rights, Shady Abuzarqa, showed solidarity with the Venezuelans and established a fraternal common bridge, because both nations "share the same enemy, the enemy of the peoples of the world, but both Palestine and Syria and Venezuela, we are winning, and you so demonstrated yesterday, "said the academic.

For his part, Syrian political observer and analyst Tarek Ahmed added: "President Maduro is resisting together with his people against the strongest and fiercest force of imperialism: the United States," adding that the Syrians must learn from the Venezuelan resistance.

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