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Venezuelan FM Denounces US Involvement in Assassination Plans

  • Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil.

    Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil. | Photo: X/ @laradiodelsur

Published 13 March 2024

U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs posted a message defending opposition politicians involved in serious crimes.

On Tuesday, Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil criticized U.S. support for citizens involved in plans to assassinate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.


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Through his social media account, the Venezuelan diplomate reacted to statements by Brian Nichols, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, who openly defends opposition politicians involved in serious crimes.

Previously, this U.S. official posted a message in which he advocates for the release of citizens associated with "Vente Venezuela," a right-wing party that declares itself against socialism in the South American country.

Among them are Emill Brandt, Juan Freitas, Luis Camacaro, Guillermo Lopez, and Rocio San Miguel, all of whom have been accused by Venezuelan justice for their involvement in destabilization plans and political terrorism.

Foreign Minister Gil warned that Nichols' comments in favor of those individuals demonstrate Washington's intentions towards the Venezuelan people.

"The obstinate and shameful defense of people who attempted to create chaos, destruction, and death in Venezuela has clashed with the dignity of our people, who have defeated every conspiracy in a dignified and courageous manner," Gil said.

"The Empire and its lackeys with great surnames have not been able to, nor will they. We will overcome!" he added.

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