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Venezuelan Delegation in Barbados for Dialogue With Opposition

  • President Nicolás Maduro has made more than 600 peace talk offers to the Venezuelan opposition.

    President Nicolás Maduro has made more than 600 peace talk offers to the Venezuelan opposition. | Photo: AVN

Published 8 July 2019

This group of representatives will continue negotiations in order to seek an agreed and constitutional solution for Venezuela.

A Venezuelan delegation arrived in Barbados on Monday to continue the process of peace dialogue with the opposition, which has been supported by the Government of Norway since last May 14.

Venezuelan Gov’t and Opposition to Continue Negotiation Talks in Barbados

The sectoral vice president of Communication, Tourism and Culture, Jorge Rodríguez, through an official statement, disclosed on his Twitter account about the arrival of this group to the Caribbean nation to advance the negotiations.

"The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela informs its people and the world that on the morning of Monday, July 8, 2019, the Venezuelan delegation arrived in Barbados to continue with the peace dialogue , sponsored by the Government of the Kingdom of Norway and initiated with the Venezuelan opposition on May 14 this year, "the document said.

He also points out that the Venezuelan Government assumes the immense desire to overcome political positions, with the purpose of defending its independence and sovereignty in accordance with democratic norms and the constitution.

In recent days, President Nicolás Maduro ratified the Bolivarian Government's willingness to move forward in a process of national agreement among all social, political, economic and cultural sectors of Venezuela.

The Venezuelan State is promoting, with the support of the Government of Norway, a new peace dialogue table to reach agreements for the benefit of the people. In total there have been more than 600 calls for dialogue for peace and stability made by President Nicolás Maduro.

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