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Venezuelan Court Frees Opposition Lawmaker

  • Court of Justice, Caracas

    Court of Justice, Caracas | Photo: VTV

Published 17 September 2019

The release of the coup plotter happens after the tentative agreement between the Venezuelan Opposition and the Government. 

The Second Special Court of First Instance with jurisdiction in cases related to crimes associated with terrorism with jurisdiction in the national territory and jurisdiction to hear and decide crimes associated with corruption and organized crime ordered the immediate release of lawmaker Edgar José Zambrano Ramírez , who is under prosecution for the alleged flagrant commission of crimes that threaten the Venezuelan State.

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According to the opinion of the aforementioned Court, the measure of preventive judicial deprivation of liberty that was decreed to Zambrano Ramírez on May 9, 2019, will be replaced by a precautionary measure replacing those established in article 242, in its ordinals 3 and 4 , of the Organic Code of Criminal Procedure, consisting of periodic presentations before the Court every 30 days and prohibition of leaving the country.

The attorney general of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,  Tarek William Saab, announced earlier that thanks to the agreements signed by the Bolivarian Government and the Venezuelan opposition, it was agreed to grant the lawmaker this precautionary measure.

He explained that in response to the request made by the Commission for Truth, Justice, Peace and Public Tranquility, created by the National Constituent Assembly, the revision of this replacement precautionary measure was carried out.

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