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Venezuelan Assembly Strips Immunity of 4 Opposition Lawmakers

  • The lawmakers are investigated for their alleged participation in the recent failed coup attempt.

    The lawmakers are investigated for their alleged participation in the recent failed coup attempt. | Photo: Reuters

Published 14 May 2019

The moves follow opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido's failed effort to spur a military uprising in April.

Venezuela's Constituent Assembly approved Tuesday a resolution stripping four opposition lawmakers from immunity, accusing them of treason, following similar accusations against 10 legislators this month.

Desperate Guaido Asks EU To Impose More Sanctions On Venezuela

The resolution was voted on a request issued by the Supreme Court, which was itself requested by Venezuela's Attorney General Tarek William Saab.

Security forces had earlier prevented lawmakers from entering the legislature for Tuesday's session, saying they were investigating the possible presence of an explosive device inside the building.

The lawmakers are Carlos Paparoni, Miguel Pizarro, Franco Casella and Winston Flores of treason and inciting rebellion.

Last week, one opposition lawmaker was arrested and several took refuge in foreign embassies in Caracas or fled the country after similar accusations from the court.

Guaido, the self-proclaimed president of Venezuela and coup leader recently failed to garner much support from the Armed Forces of the Bolivarian Republic, prompting him to call on the United States to militarily intervene on his behalf. 

The situation has gotten so bad for Guaido that the number of participants at his own rallies has diminished greatly over the last few days. According to the AP, only a few hundred people attended Guaido's demonstration on Saturday. 

Guaido has become desperate and without the Venezuelan people or armed forces behind him, he is now making his last plea to the Trump administration to militarily intervene. 

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino condemned what he said was an illegal incursion by a U.S. Coast Guard cutter into Venezuelan territorial waters. 

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