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  • The opposition is planning to continue protests over the measures (teleSUR)

    The opposition is planning to continue protests over the measures (teleSUR)

Published 22 June 2015

Ecuador’s government has called for a national debate on wealth redistribution bills. 

The Confederation of Indigenous and Campesino Organizations (FEI) is one of the many social movements participating in the national debate on the inheritance tax bill and law for limiting capital gains. They largely see these measures as redistributive and promoting greater social equality.

"There should be a dialogue among all sectors of the country. But this dialogue should not just be about the inheritance tax and capital gains. It needs to be expanded, for example more just and equal development models,” said President of the FEI Jose Agualsaca to teleSUR.

Following sporadic violence at right-wing protests the government has temporarily suspended the bills in the National Assembly and has encouraged discussion among citizens in organizations such as FEI.

"We are here discussing these bills, and I think that it is good to internally analyze these actual events. It is good and it is strengthening our organizations," said Carmen Tene,, a leader of the Saraguro indigenous community.

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However, opposition leaders as well as the chambers of commerce of Quito and Guayaquil have expressed that they are unwilling to engage in debate, but rather want the bills completely discarded, and will continue protesting the measures.

"They sold and put our country into debt,” business owner Romolo Sanchez told teleSUR, referring to the opposition. “This is when they were in the government, they represent a bad era, and this is exactly what President Correa is trying to fix. They are the ones that exploited this country in every way they could. And now they want to return."

President Rafael Correa has said that a coup is in the making, and the opposition is working to destabilize the country. He has said he hopes the debates will lead to a national consensus on these bills, which seek to create greater social equality.

"This country is finally everyone's. We are welcoming this dialogue, welcoming this fraternal hug, even with the opposition, but also trying to redress those that are violent, of those organizers of a coup. The only answer we have is victory in democracy comrades,” said President Rafael Correa in his weekly Saturday television address.

The results of citizen debates on the law for capital gains and the inheritance tax will be evaluated on September 15, and it will be determined if these bills will be resubmitted to the National Assembly.



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