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  • Actress Logan Browning joins protesters demonstrating against police violence in Hollywood, California.

    Actress Logan Browning joins protesters demonstrating against police violence in Hollywood, California. | Photo: Reuters

Published 20 May 2015

"They never talk about the women they only talk about the men,” said the mother of Rekia Boyd, killed by a police bullet in 2012.

Campaigners are planning a series of actions across the United States Thursday for the first ever day of Justice for All Black Women and Girls.

Events, called by Ferguson Action and #BlackLivesMatter, will take place in eight cities including Chicago, New York, Miami and Los Angeles, bringing attention to the many young Black women who have fallen victim of police brutality.

Using the hashtags #BlackWomenMatter, #SayHerName and #JusticeForRekia, activists hope to highlight the deaths of women like Rekia Boyd.

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Boyd was 22 years old when a police officer fired shots into a group of unarmed Black people in 2012, killing the young woman. Recently, officer Dante Servin was cleared of all charges.

However, unlike the high profile protests surrounding the deaths of young Black men like Michael Brown, who was killed by a white officer in August last year in Ferguson, Missouri, the deaths of women seem to slip under the radar.

"They never talk about the women, they only talk about the men,” Boyd’s mother, Angela Helton, said.

“Black Women's Lives Matter,” reads the event description for the day of action, which includes vigils and marches. “It is time to magnify, elevate and highlight the work that is going on in the movement around the brutal state-sanctioned violence against our sisters with a National Day of Action focused directly on Women of Color- Adult Women, Young Girls, Cis, Gay, Trans, Undocumented, all of the above. These are our mothers, our daughters, our sisters. We move with intention to work together, united.”

Police brutality and institutionalized racism receive almost daily coverage, after the watershed moment of 18-year-old Brown’s death, which sparked massive, global protests. But in spite of the heightened awareness, the trend continues. 

On Monday, St. Louis prosecutors revealed that a white officer who riddled teenager VonDerrit Myers with 17 bullets will not be prosecuted. 

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