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Venezuela Welcomes 86 Citizens Returning From Ecuador

  • Repatriated woman arrives at Simon Bolivar Airport, Caracas, Venezuela, Feb. 1, 2021.

    Repatriated woman arrives at Simon Bolivar Airport, Caracas, Venezuela, Feb. 1, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @ViceVenezuela

Published 2 February 2021

Since 2018, about 22,935 Venezuelans have returned to the country using the government-sponsored "Return to the Homeland" program.

Venezuela's Transport Deputy Minister Ramon Velasquez on Monday announced that 86 citizens returned to the country from Ecuador through the "Retour to the Homeland" program (PVP).


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The flight operated by the state-owned airline CONVIASA was the 49th since the beginning of the PVP in Ecuador where 74 adults and 12 children were transported from Guayaquil. 

The returnees will receive free medical attention to diagnose cases of COVID-19 and will spend a quarantine period in facilities set up by health authorities. 

"PVP is a very viable opportunity to return as we are not exposed to aggressions such as those seen in Peru where there was an incredible aggressiveness on the border against Venezuelans," repatriated Nestor Curvelo said.

Over 4. 200 people have been repatriated from Ecuador since the first flight in Sep. 2018. At least 944 people returned last year amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Velasquez informed that over 400,000 Venezuelans had requested repatriation through the PVP which was approved to rescue Venezuelan citizens living in vulnerable conditions or economic hardship abroad.

So far, 22,935 Venezuelans have returned through this humanitarian program from countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, and Italy.

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