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  • The 180 members of the Committee of Victims.

    The 180 members of the Committee of Victims. | Photo: AVN

Published 12 December 2014

The petition follows a EU resolution demanding the Venezuelan government release a right wing leader responsible for violent actions in February.

Relatives and victims of the violent actions that occurred in February demanded justice from European legislators on Friday.

The Committee of Victims of the Guarimbas (right wing organized barricades) and the Continuous Coup delivered a document to the EU mission in Venezuela requesting an audience at the Parliament, in order to report the violent actions promoted by far-right leaders in February.

The petition follows an EU resolution approved in the Parliament, explained Yendry Velazquez, the committee's spokesperson, about the judicial procedure opened against the far-right leader Leopoldo Lopez.

Lopez, head of Popular Will (VP), was leading and encouraging the violent protests that took place in Venezuela in February, calling for the “exit” of democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro two months before. Yet the protests ended with the death of 40 people and about 800 more injured.

“We are tired of being silenced, [we are tired] that only a small group of people or these big names as they call themselves; meanwhile, we, the people, who lost our houses... we demand justice and truth,” Velazquez stated.

The committee, which has 180 members, firmly rejects the European resolution demanding the release of Lopez.

The guarimbas were especially dangerous, as protesters were blocking roads by extending a line precariously across busy streets, endangering lives of motorcyclists and pedestrians.

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