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Venezuela: Vandals Burn Down Robert Serra Cultural Center in Caracas

  • A picture of the Robert Serra house burning

    A picture of the Robert Serra house burning | Photo: Captura de Pantalla

Published 22 January 2019

Hooded criminals threw molotov cocktails at the Memorial Childhood Home of Robert Serra located in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital.

The house of a well-known Chavista politician was burned down overnight. The Memorial Childhood Home of Robert Serra, a politician who died in 2014, had been converted into a cultural center showing contemporary art and a history of the port culture of the city of Caracas.


Venezuelan Armed Forces Repels Group of Conspirators

On Tuesday, the house, located in the El Pastora neighborhood of Caracas, was brought down by a fire ignited by a group of young far-right protesters throwing molotov cocktails, which also burned down other houses in the immediate area.

A video shows the moment when the house, an homage to the socialist party leader, was ignited:

"They couldn't beat him in life, so they terrorize his name, his legacy and his growing army of young people. These fascists attacked the Robert Serra Cultural House located in Port Caracas," said the president of the Robert Serra Mission, Mayerlin Arias.

Robert Serra was a parliamentarian and former member of the National Assembly of Venezuela who was murdered on Oct. 1, 2014 inside his home, located in the La Pastora neighborhood in the Libertador district of Caracas, where his assistant, Maria Herrera, also died. He had received five stab wounds.

The former lawmaker had been a young lawyer who progressed in the United Socialist party of Venezuela. He worked tirelessly and showed bravery and a great capacity for earning the love and loyalty of the Venezuelan people.

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