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Venezuela: Talks Between Govt and Opposition at Paris Forum

  • Venezuela: Talks Between Govt and Opposition at Paris Forum

    | Photo: VTV

Published 11 November 2022

"Dialogue and negotiation in Venezuela, found at the Paris Forum for Peace, three friends: the governments of France, Argentina and the Republic of Colombia," said the president of the Venezuelan National Assembly (AN), Jorge Rodríguez.

As part of his participation in the V Paris Forum for Peace, Rodriguez made statements to international media where he specified that they have been frank in the representation of the National Government and are in the best disposition to advance in a general agreement.

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Likewise, he pointed out that from the international community's point of view, it must be understood that there are "762 sanctions against our businessmen, our oil industry, airlines, agricultural products, travelers and the right of Venezuelans to travel anywhere in the world (...) all aggressive events must be lifted, that is why we are also here in this process".

Likewise, Rodriguez detailed that it was an extensive day and that since very early in the morning, they met at a very important negotiation table attended by the presidents of France, Emmanuel Macron; Argentina, Alberto Fernandez and Colombia, Gustavo Petro.

The importance of this meeting between the authorities of the Bolivarian Government and a sector of the Venezuelan opposition is aimed at reconciliation and peace, in that sense, to bet among all the development of national production, emphasizing the principles of the Magna Carta (1999) and concerning the self-determination of the Venezuelan people as contemplated in the Charter of the United Nations.

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