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Venezuela Stimulates Its Economy Through Quarantine Relaxation

  • Citizens restart economic activities in Caracas, Venezuela, 2020.

    Citizens restart economic activities in Caracas, Venezuela, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @ClapAltape

Published 2 November 2020

So far, Venezuela has reported 801 deaths, one of the lowest fatality rates globally.

President Nicolas Maduro announced that the activities of 50 economic sectors will be resumed during the "Quarantine Relaxation Week" that began on Nov. 1.


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Among the areas authorized to resume work under strict biosecurity protocols are commercial establishments, tourist services, recreational services, and industries.

Maduro also stressed that his country is moving towards a "controlled normality", which has been possible thanks to the reduction of infections and active cases.

After several months of being closed, the churches, temples, and mosques reopened their doors on Sunday. These establishments must comply with special precautionary measures such as limiting the entry of people to 40 percent of their capacity.

The Bolivarian leader also mentioned the start of competitions in the soccer and basketball leagues as well as the start of the professional baseball championship on November 15.

Maduro instructed the Presidential Commission for the Control and Prevention of the Pandemic to analyze the adoption of a special health scheme to favor the attendance of fans at the country's stadiums, without exceeding 30 of the capacity of the facilities.

He urged the population to take extreme measures of prevention to preserve the progress made in containing the health emergency.

“I tell the Venezuelan people that we must value what we have achieved. Everyone to take care of themselves. No one should lower their guard,” the Bolivarian leader said and insisted on compliance with regulations such as the use of a mask and maintaining social distancing.

As of Monday morning, Venezuela has reported 92,325 COVID-19 cases and 801 deaths. These figures imply one of the lowest fatality rates in the region and in the world.

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