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Venezuela Solidarity March In Brazil

  • Students and teachers from the University of Rio de Janeiro gathered in support of Venezuela.

    Students and teachers from the University of Rio de Janeiro gathered in support of Venezuela. | Photo: Twitter / @AndreteleSUR

Published 22 August 2017

Protests, debates and other events in Brazil are scheduled to show support for Venezuela against foreign intervention.

Several student and social organizations in Brazil have begun activities for the National Day of Solidarity with Venezuela to reject the U.S. threat of military intervention in Venezuela.

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The events have been organized by the Popular Front of Brazil, which called for a protest against U.S. President Donald Trump and his comments that he wouldn't rule out a military option against Venezuela.

Several protests, intended to support the sovereignty of Venezuela, are scheduled in the cities of Brasilia, Recife and Rio de Janeiro, and debates are planned in the cities of Salvador and Cuiaba.

The President of the World Committee for Peace Socorro Gomez said these activities were also a call for peace in the country and to respect the decisions of the democratically-elected National Constituent Assembly.

"Activities in solidarity with Venezuela continue until tomorrow with a national event organized by the Popular Front of Brazil"

"U.S. Embassy in Brasilia with signs on the walls: #TrumpHandsOffVenezuela"

"This act, in defense of peace in Venezuela, is of utmost solidarity with the Bolivarian people and government, in defense of its Constituent Assembly, for peace and to guarantee its self-determination," Gomez said.

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The organizations also signed a letter with other Brazilian institutions that will be sent to the U.S. government, congressmen and other organizations.

They have also called on the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America, ALBA, to sign the letter in support of the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

The Popular Front was one of the key organizers of protests against the impeachment against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in 2016, and now leads the actions against Senate-appointed President Michel Temer and his austerity measures.

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