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Venezuela Releases Lorent Saleh Due to Safety Concerns

  • Venezuela Release Lorent Saleh due to Safety Concerns.

    Venezuela Release Lorent Saleh due to Safety Concerns. | Photo: efeservicios

Published 13 October 2018

The Venezuelan government has allowed opposition activist Lorent Saleh to recover after a serious of psychological evaluations showed that he possessed "violent, destructive, and suicidal behavior."

Right-wing activist Lorent Saleh, was released from the country Friday night after government officials confirmed that the leader of an anti-government organization inhibited "destructive traits that endangered his personal integrity."


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A spokesperson for the Commission for the Truth, Justice, Peace, and Tranquility for the Public of Venezuela, said the Commission had, "recommended to the judicial bodies of the country to adopt alternative measures to the deprivation of liberty."

The Commission went on to say Saleh has traveled to Spain at his own volition, where he will further undergo rehabilitation.

Saleh was held in an intelligent agency building in the capital, Caracas since 2014, after being detained in Colombia, and extradited. He was accused of carrying out paramilitary training in the country, where he was said to have plotted crimes against the constitutional order.

The 30 year-old Saleh was caught on a leaked video phone call bragging about hiring sharpshooters to cause civil unrest in Venezuela.

His release comes days after another opposition activist, Fernando Alban, threw himself from the 10th floor of the intelligence agency building.    

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