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Venezuela: President Maduro Announces Week of Radical Quarantine

  • Venezuelan Vicepresident Delcy Rodriguez offers a press conference on COVID-19 from Miraflores Palace in Caracas, Venezuela. August 31, 2020.

    Venezuelan Vicepresident Delcy Rodriguez offers a press conference on COVID-19 from Miraflores Palace in Caracas, Venezuela. August 31, 2020. | Photo: EFE/Prensa de Miraflores

Published 31 August 2020

"I'm asking Venezuelan families to prepare for this week of radical quarantine, we have to reduce the number of infections," the president indicated.

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, confirmed on Sunday that the country would begin a week of radical and social quarantine, according to the planned 7+7 method to combat COVID-19.

"On Monday, we're starting seven days of radical, social, and conscious quarantine...the quarantine is necessary to cut the transmission chain and to be able to continue fighting hard against the coronavirus," President Maduro declared. 


Venezuela Receives Humanitarian Aid to Fight COVID-19

The head of state discussed the results achieved by the Venezuelan method to control the number of infections, in comparison to other nations in the region. "It's necessary to include the (radical and flexible) quarantine, and that's why we have the 7+7 method," he emphasized. 

"In the coming days, we will be soliciting the volunteers necessary to test out the Russian vaccine...we're also coordinating with the Chinese and the Cuba vaccine, too," the Venezuelan president expressed. 

Before an audience of the country's health professionals, the president confirmed the arrival of more doctors from Cuba. "More than 1,000 new doctors are arriving in the country to contribute to medical attention and prevention against COVID-19 in communities," he added. 

Furthermore, the government ordained the Order of Francisco de Miranda to Dr. Miguel Angel Rangel, who recently died from the virus and dedicated his life to saving lives. "He was a tireless man of great humanity...he was there on the front lines, tending the patients, what pain," President Maduro stated. 

"In the last 24 hours the country reports 922 new cases of COVID-19, 825 of which are due to community transmission and 97 are imported cases, including six new deaths: two in Guarico, two in Tachira, one in the Capital District and another in Aragua," Vicepresident Delcy Rodriguez informed.

Rodriguez signaled that of the imported cases, the majority are from Colombia: "91 are from Colombia, two from Peru and one from Ecuador."

Of the new cases due to community transmission, the Capital District reported 332 infections, followed by Miranda with 178, Bolivar (48), Nueva Esparta (47), La Guaira (44), Barinas (35), Delta Amacuro (34), Aragua (34), Lara (15), Carabobo (14), Tachira (9), Merida (9), Yaracuy (7), Apure (6), Sucre (6), Cojedes (3), Zulia (2), Monagas (1) and Amazonas," the vicepresident confirmed. 

Rodriguez also noted that the recovery rate has increased to 82%: "The number of recovered patients are now 37,091...we have 99 patients in intensive care, 610 cases in moderate conditions, 1,725 with light symptoms 5,962 with no symptoms, and unfortunately 381 deaths," she added.  

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