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Venezuela: National Assembly Names Reps to Mercosur Parliament

  • The Venezuelan delegation to the Mercosur Parliament has officially been installed.

    The Venezuelan delegation to the Mercosur Parliament has officially been installed. | Photo: Twitter/@ConElMazoDando

Published 18 May 2021

The first vice-president of the National Assembly (AN), Iris Varela, installed this Tuesday the Venezuelan parliamentary delegation representing the country before the Southern Common Market (Mercosur).

From the Federal Legislative Palace, Varela pointed out that they have put the names of the deputies who will integrate the commissions according to the regulations of the regional bloc, an activity that is part of the Venezuelan Chapter of the Mercosur Parliament.


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"As part of a political work that we have been advancing, knowing the trajectory of our incursion to Mercosur, we must recognize why we are in the Mercosur Parliament. Honor must be given to those who deserve honor; the one who was in charge of looking to the South was Commander Hugo Chávez," she detailed.

At the same time, the First Vice-President of the NA emphasized that previously, those who governed for decades had their eyes set on the North and followed the line of the U.S. governments.

"Today, we installed the Venezuelan Delegation to the Mercosur Parliament led by our colleague @irisvarela, who appointed two permanent commission presidencies and an integrated vice presidency."

"We have had to make an immense effort. We must acknowledge the opposition that despite their presence in that ill-fated parliament that we buried with the elections in December 2020, they have shown their faces and have bet on national interests," Varela emphasized; he also asserted that history must not be erased given Commander Chávez's initiative to unite the South.

In this sense, she specified that the parliamentarians would be integrated into the Permanent Commissions of Institutional Legal Affairs; Permanent Commissions of Economic, Financial, Commercial, Fiscal and Monetary Affairs; Permanent Commissions of International, Interregional and Strategic Planning Affairs, among others.

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