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President Maduro Orders Investigation On UK's Gold Verdict

  • The Bank of England in London, Britain, July 2, 2020.

    The Bank of England in London, Britain, July 2, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 3 July 2020

The retention of Venezuelan monetary reserves by the U.K has been described as a piracy act.

President Nicolas Maduro Friday ordered a criminal investigation after the U.K High Court ruled against Venezuela's government in a legal battle over access to this South American country's gold stored in the Bank of England.


The U.K. Denies Venezuela Access to Gold for Food and Medicines

The order came hours after a British judge voted in favor of Venezuela's opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido in the litigation for those funds.

The inquiry seeks to determine who within the country is responsible for participating in what Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez describes as an act of piracy.

“As Head of State and Government, the President has requested national justice’s authorities to immediately open an investigation to determine criminal responsibilities of those playing roles in this brazen theft of Venezuelan resources.”

Rodriguez stressed that the British Court decision is part of a Guaido's strategy to use Venezuela’s gold as currency to pay the U.K its condescension. She also criticized the fact that the British justice system recognizes and endorses a deputy to manage Venezuela's international reserves.

"That gold belongs to Venezuelans, not to this gang of crooks, who intend to pay political favors with territories and resources of Venezuela, to satisfy their interests and United States’," she complained, also referring to Guaido’s intentions to negotiate the Essequibo territory in exchange for foreign political support.

Venezuela’s Government considers the British Court decision as a crime against humanity for the gold is intended to be used to fight COVID-19 pandemic in the country. Since Central Bank (BCV) requested the withdrawal of gold 48 people have died because of the pandemics.

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