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Venezuela: Lawmaker Juan Guaido Released, Rogue Officers Fired

  • Venezuela: Lawmaker Juan Guaido Released, Rogue Officers Fired
Published 13 January 2019

Lawmaker Juan Guaido has been released from detention, with the Minister of Communications for Venezuela issuing a statement about those responsible.

Venezuelan Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez announced Sunday that a group of rogue police officers took it upon themselves to detain Juan Guaido, a lawmaker in Venezuela's National Assembly, and that those officials have been dismissed and the lawmaker released.


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"An irregular situation was called to our attention regarding a group of officials acting who unilaterally carried out an irregular procedure against the lawmaker Juan Guaido. This procedure has now been completely resolved and overcome," said Rodrigues in an interview with state television Venezuela TV. 

The minister also confirmed that the SEBIN police "who lent themselves to install this show against the normal development of life in the Republic, are at this moment being dismissed and subject to the strictest disciplinary procedures."

Guaido, who is a lawmaker in the Venezuelan National Assembly, had been detained Jan.13 by rogue officers of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin), but was later released as soon as government officials become aware of these actions.

The National Assembly (NA) is Venezuela's lawmaking body which has been in a state of judicial contempt since 2016. As a result of this legal status, it has no legal ability to perform its normal duties and its actions are essentially null and void.

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