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Venezuela Exhibits Film On An Attack Against Cubana Airlines

  • Cubans pay tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack that took place in Barbados.

    Cubans pay tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack that took place in Barbados. | Photo: Twitter/ @DiazCanelB

Published 6 October 2021

The attack planners, Orlando Bosh and Luis Posada, were protected by the United States. They died of old age without ever being punished.

On Wednesday, Ernesto Segovia's “Faces of the Pain” documentary will be presented in the Venezuelan Film Library to honor the memory of 73 victims of the terrorist attack against Cubana's flight CU-455 carried out in Barbados on Oct. 6, 1976.


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This documentary gathers testimonies from witnesses of the plane explosion that occurred near Grantley Adams airport in Bridgetown. It also includes testimonies from relatives of the victims, among whom were 24 members of the Cuban fencing team who had won the world championships in 1975.

Through his work, the filmmaker Segovia also recalled the expressions of hatred towards Cuba emanating from Orlando Bosh and Luis Posada, the two U.S. agents who planned the attack.

"The victims of sabotage deserved to die because they supported Fidel Castro's communist regime," Bosch said at the time.

Both Bosch and Posada lived protected by the U.S. government until they died elderly. Although the former was imprisoned in 2000 for an assassination attempt on Fidel, Panama's President Mireya Moscoso (1999-2004) released him at the request of the U.S.

To remember the victims of the Barbados crime, Cuban citizens also organized the "Towards the Sun of Glory," a youth Colloquium to be held in Las Tunas province. This initiative will comprise lectures and awarding essays on Fidel's speech at the farewell mourning of the victims.

"The colloquium will be a space to raise, once again, the Cuban people's demand for justice," the MJM President Roynel Reyes assured. 

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