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Venezuela Denounces US Participation in Electric Sabotage

  •  The Venezuelan official denounced the participation of Marco Rubio in the cyber attack that left his country without power for more than 24 hours

    The Venezuelan official denounced the participation of Marco Rubio in the cyber attack that left his country without power for more than 24 hours | Photo: MINCI

Published 8 March 2019

Jorge Rodriguez showed evidence of the participation of U.S. Senator Marco Rubio in the sabotage of the electrical system that left the country without service for more than 24 hours.

The Vice President of Communication, Tourism and Culture of Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez, offered a press conference on Friday during which he demonstrated the participation of the U.S. senator for the state of Florida, Marco Rubio, in the cyber sabotage that left the South American country without power for more than 24 hours.

They attacked the automated control of the Guri system that supplies the country with energy, Rodríguez said in his speech. This information was handled by US Senator Marco Rubio shortly after the aggression was executed as he let it be known on his Twitter posts.

'How did Marco Rubio know that backup generators had failed? At that time, no one knew that,' the Bolivarian government official asked.

Also, Rodriguez denied that hospitals in Venezuela had recorded deaths during the day without power, as President Nicolás Maduro had ordered the provision of generation plants to prevent any such attack.

He furthered showed a series of publications on the same social network as Senator Rubio; those of the Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo, and of the opposition Juan Guaidó, which tie them to the event.

Rodriguez informed that the electrical system in the country continues to be restored gradually thanks to the work of the employees of the state company Corpoelec. Likewise, he thanked the civility and calm that the citizenship has maintained before what he described as "the most brutal aggression to which the people of Venezuela have been subjected in 200 years."

"While in Venezuela society calmly assumed the consequences of the electrical sabotage and the employees of Corpoelec (state electric power company) are working tirelessly, Donald Trump's entourage was celebrating, enjoying with guilty perversion the anguish of the Venezuelan people, "said Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza through his Twitter account.

"A few weeks ago, the Maduro regime blamed the iguanas for causing a major blackout in the electricity network, and now we have received the first video of what caused the unprecedented national blackout this evening in Venezuela," said Rubio ironically. about the event that affected Venezuelans, the American official accompanied his publication with an image of Godzilla throwing fire through his mouth.

On Thursday night, the vice-president for Culture and Tourism Communication of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, affirmed that the intention of this act of sabotage was to subject the Venezuelan people to several days without providing electrical service to attack and leave various vital areas without electricity.

Last Wednesday, the U.S. senator from the state of Florida stated that Venezuela was "within a few days of the most serious shortage of food and fuel."

Also, Rodriguez questioned that less than three minutes after the sabotage occurred Rubio appeared posting a tweet where he announced the situation.

For his part, Pompeo said Friday that "the shortage of energy and hunger (in Venezuela) are the result of the incompetence of the 'Maduro' regime."

"There is no food, there are no medicines, now there is no energy," said Pompeo on Twitter on Friday and then added that the Venezuelan leader would be next to fall.

The Bolivarian Government has repeatedly denounced the coup plans of the United States against the constitutional president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

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