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Venezuela Asks Electoral Council to Check Vote Tally

  • "The world that attacks Venezuela is watching with astonishment that we have three days of peace" Jorge RodrIguez | Photo: AVN

Published 2 August 2017

At the CNE headquarters in Caracas, Rodriguez emphasized that the elections were impeccable and perfectly auditable.

The head of the campaign for Venezuela's National Constituent Assembly, Jorge Rodriguez, says the National Electoral Council, CNE, has been asked to complete the audit of the electoral process following last Sunday's vote.

Venezuela Election Head: Smartmatic Allegations Have 'No Basis'

Rodriguez insisted that the only valid results of the election are those provided by the CNE, which orginally counted 8,089,320 votes.

The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he had personally asked for the ballot count.

Maduro also said that the inauguration of the Constituent Assembly will be moved from Thursday to Friday at 11 a.m. local time.

"I personally asked Jorge Rodriguez to audit 100 percent of the votes and leave no doubts."

This will provide more time to improve the organization of the event, Maduro explained.

Earlier the Smartmatic director, Antonio Mugica told a news conference in London that they had detected "manipulation of the participation data" during the poll, where the CNE says over 8 million Venezuelans voted.

Mugica claimed to have identified "a difference between the announced figure and the number produced by the system is at least 1 million voters."

Smartmatic, a Venezuelan-based multinational, has provided the technological platform for voting and services for the Venezuelan elections since 2004.

Rodriguez said there could be strong pressure on the leadership of the Smartmatic company by international powers, which have political and business interests in Venezuela.

"The National Constituent Assembly will be inaugurated on August 4."

"He is contradicting his own statements (on previous processes), moreover, his company provides services which do not replace in any way Venezuela's Electoral Power," he explained.

Rodriguez exposed the inconsistencies evident in the "war of figures" between opposition leaders, whose data on a supposed electoral fraud contradict each other.

"Our estimates say that 2 million more people could not make it to the polling place, despite all their efforts," he said. He stressed that despite the violent actions promoted by sectors of the opposition last Sunday, the electoral event was successful.

Rodriguez also said that indelible ink had not been used, since in his opinion, it was unnecessary, "the biometric system is much more reliable, that is why ink was not activated."

He also said that "the world that attacks Venezuela is watching with astonishment that we have three days of peace, after the election everyone understood the message, at least the people."

"Venezuela's Electoral Council hands credentials to members of the Constituent Assembly."

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