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Venezuela: "Almagro and Lima Cartel Promote Lies Against Us"

  • Vice President Delcy Rodriguez described as

    Vice President Delcy Rodriguez described as "media lynching" the hybrid war strategy used against Venezuela to influence the decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC), which maintains a preliminary examination against the State of Venezuela. | Photo: Twitter/@PetraYsabelina

Published 7 May 2021

Executive Vice President of the Republic Delcy Rodríguez denounced that Venezuela is facing a media lynching against its political and social leaders, as well as the fraudulent use of social networks in campaigns orchestrated in Washington and five governments of the Lima Cartel led by Luis Almagro that attempt to manipulate public opinion against the country.

"The Attorney General of the Republic presented an extension of the report filed before the International Criminal Court (ICC) showing that from the communicational point of view, social networks are being instrumentalized to create a public opinion adverse to the country," explained Rodríguez, who, in a press conference to national and international media, was accompanied by Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza and Sectorial Vice-President for Communication, Culture and Tourism, Freddy Ñáñez.


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In this sense, the Executive Vice-President pointed out that Venezuela raises its voice and calls to highlight with scientific and professional rigor the country's reality rather than the one that the media tries to impose.

"It is a very serious operation, and we always ask the international community to see themselves in the same mirror because what they do today to Venezuela they can do tomorrow to any country," Rodriguez said.

"Executive Vice President, @delcyrodriguezv: What is being done against Venezuela is a media lynching against its political and social leaders through the networks."

She urged the ICC to work with the Venezuelan institutions and relevant courts, which are authorized with everything related to Human Rights. In a recent study using Big Data, experts have revealed how social networks construct false information against the country's human rights situation.

"In a well-elaborated study of more than 15,345,683 tweets, with more than 1,400,000 avatars and more than 31 million interactions, there is a small nucleus of profiles in the Twitter network created by bots that have drastically expanded these false opinions, false realities, and matrices to influence the decisions of the ICC. Venezuela is a constitutional state based on human rights and respect; those matrices have sought to lynch with lies conceived by the media to attack the Venezuelan people," she expressed.

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