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Venezuela: 82% Of Activities Scheduled For Elections Completed

  • Citizens become familiar with the electoral computational system, Venezuela, 2021.

    Citizens become familiar with the electoral computational system, Venezuela, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @CONSTRUYENDOCO3

Published 3 November 2021

"Pro-government and opposition parties will take part in the Nov. 21 elections on equal terms and respecting each other,” the National Electoral Council assured. 

Venezuela’s Electoral Council (CNE) has already completed over 82 percent of the activities scheduled for the Nov. 21 elections of governors and mayors, the CNE President Pedro Calzadilla announced on Wednesday.


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“Everything indicates that we will defeat abstention in the upcoming elections and that both pro-government and opposition parties will take part in the process on equal terms and respecting each other,” he pointed out.

So far, 16 audits have verified the transparency and legitimacy of the voting system. Among them, Calzadilla highlighted an audit carried out by Venezuelan experts, who analyzed the system’s components for 45 days with satisfactory results.

"Our voting system will always express the popular will," the CNE President insisted and ratified that his institution will be a guarantor of compliance with the norms and legal provisions related to the campaign.

"We are impartial arbiters, who are determined to ensure that these elections develop peacefully and democratically," he stated, stressing that 2,000 election prosecutors will ensure compliance with the electoral rule nationwide.

Eight international delegations and six national social organizations will also participate in the election process as international observers. As provided by the CNE norms, all these organizations must respect the sovereignty and self-determination of Venezuela.

"We will consider any breach of this rule as interference in our country’s internal affairs," Calzadilla warned, stressing that international observers should promote the rule of law and the welfare of the Venezuelan people.

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