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    Venezuela's president warns of an economic coup. | Photo: AVN

Published 14 January 2015

The Venezuelan government has called for a citizen mobilization in order to counter the ongoing opposition efforts to destabilize the country.

During his trip to Algeria, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro declared Tuesday that there is “an economic coup” underway in Venezuela, calling on the “civic-military” union to defeat the right-wing opposition forces.

“The strategy that they are carrying out aims to disrupt civilians and cause extreme situations, that is the key part of their efforts to destabilize the country … an economic coup is also underway in Venezuela,” Maduro told reporters. 

By way of example, during an interview Tuesday with teleSUR, Maduro cited the recent confiscation of “hundreds of tons” of basic foods discovered in a warehouse in the east of the country as an example of the recent destabilization efforts by right-wing opposition groups. 

In response to these efforts, the Venezuelan government has outlined a series of economic policies as part of its “economic reactivation” plan. 

Maduro also called on citizen mobilization in order to counter the ongoing efforts to undermine the democratic stability within the country. 

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