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Uruguay Women Perform 'Big Kiss' to Support Argentinian Woman Persecuted for Kissing Partner

  • Two women protest by kissing in front of the Argentine Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay, July 3, 2019.

    Two women protest by kissing in front of the Argentine Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay, July 3, 2019. | Photo: EFE

Published 4 July 2019

The young Argentine was sentenced to one year in prison for kissing her partner at a subway station.

Uruguay's women gathered Wednesday near the Embassy of Argentina in Montevideo to perform "The Big Kiss" as a way of protesting the judicial process against Mariana Gomez, an Argentinean gay woman who was sentenced to one year in prison for "resistance to authority."


Argentina Protests Gender Violence, Demands Right To Abort

On Oct. 2, 2018, Mariana and her partner kissed at a subway station in Buenos Aires. A short time later she lit a cigarette while waiting for the rain to stop. As a result, Mariana was arrested by a policeman who felt up her body, which made her react and protect herself from physical abuse.

"It is the way in which the state wants to indoctrinate us," said Mariana, who was outraged by the judicial decision announced the day of the LGBTQ pride day.

The Uruguayan rally was called for by gender activists who also tried to make a "massive kiss" at the embassy's doors, ​​which was not possible because the Uruguayan police established a siege around the diplomatic site one hour before the demonstration started.

"I do not know what they expect to happen during The Big Kiss," remarked ironically one of the Uruguayan women who demanded respect for gender diversity.

"Present at 'The Big Kiss'. A dozen people against lesbophobia. About 10 police closed the street where the Argentine embassy is in Uruguay." The banner reads, "they are afraid because we are not afraid."

Despite police precautions, the 'Lesbian Activism' members managed to gather near the embassy and to reject the decision of Rocio Girat, an Argentinian female judge who declared Gomez guilty of "resistance to authority."

"Enough of lesbophobia," "they are afraid because we are not afraid" and "absolution for Mariana" were some of the phrases displayed on banners.

"Listen Mariana, your fight is our fight," "the police take care of the hatred of lesbians," "love always endures" and "kisses are legal anywhere" were slogans chanted by LGTBI protesters who played traditional South American drums as part of their protests.

Before the end of the event, the Uruguayan activists read "El Beso", a poem written by Argentine trans artist Susy Shock. as hugs, kisses, smiles and applause were carried out by the gathering crowds. 

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